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We continue to discover many organisations are frustrated and hindered by data complexity. They don't know where to look and don’t have a team to guide them.

OPPICube helps you organise your data into a meaningful form, identify significant savings opportunities and to visualise your data story.

With OPPICube, your data becomes intelligent.

OPPICube utilises augmented intelligence to enable deep data insights, helping deliver dollars to you bottom line. OPPICube turns disparate data into procurement focused data, ensuring compliance, finding savings opportunities and providing your team data that they can effectively engage with.

OPPICube’s proprietary leading-edge technologies deliver actionable insights and sustainable savings opportunities.

Automated opportunity assessments and human oversight, provides you a real roadmap to deliver savings and process improvement, simply.

   OPPITEC Advantage

  • $100B+ in spend analysed and growing

  • Average of 6-14% savings identified

  • Spend analysed in days

  • Savings identified in weeks, not months

  • Multiple data sources catered for simply

  • Effective category schema based on client needs

  • Empowering real business decisions

  • Targeted dashboards for various stakeholder groups


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OPPICube is an AI driven automated tool that does the hard work of turning multiple data sources into something that helps your team deliver bigger and better outcomes.

That means by the end of our process, your data is aggregated, cleaned and presented in a form that meets your needs and that your team are eager to engage with. Your data will tell your business story and give your team real spend, compliance and performance information, via interactive dashboards.

We do a variety of dashboards for reporting procurement performance and KPI’s, allowing your team to have informed business discussions with their stakeholders and management.

After the initial process completes, OPPICube provides ongoing insights into all your data driven procurement outcomes through regular data refresh services.

Your wide range of procurement dashboards are updated with your company’s latest spend activities, giving more visibility into the ongoing decisions stakeholders are making and need to make to impact bottom line performance.




Once OPPICube has completed the hard work, OPPICube OA provides a deep dive into your data, identifying where savings are hidden and the method to realise them.

A Savings Opportunity Assessment of your data, drawing on our significant procurement insight and using a mixture of our automated and human intelligence, outlines where your business can make immediate and mid to long term savings.

Collaborating with your team, we utilise business intelligence and market intelligence to develop a practical, risk-rated and prioritised set of sustainable savings opportunities.

Our clients have typically found between 6%-14% savings, delivered through analysing over $100B in spend data, with implementation assistance provided as needed.

We think once you see how quickly our platform delivers outcomes, you will feel reassured savings targets are achievable and how to do it.

Our process starts with a look at your data, so we can give you a really good understanding of what level of insights your data allows. If necessary, we can provide further details on how to improve the quality of your data, so OPPICube can provide even greater insights to where the dollars are hiding

"For those who have seen the Earth from space, and for the hundreds and perhaps thousands more who will, the experience most certainly changes your perspective. The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us." - Captain Donald Williams.

OPPITEC's expertise lies in analysing data from a procurement perspective. We have found solutions to problems that are shared by many procurement teams.



Data Science

Maslow's Hierarchy depicts that people need to invest in themselves and become healthy and secure before they can pursue their dreams and reach the state of self-actualisation.

Similarly, organisations need to invest in their data health before they can reach their full potential for analytics. Organisations are plagued with dirty and inconsistent data causing low data health.

At OPPITEC we use a number of scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to help improve your organisation's data health, ensuring the greatest value can be derived from it.

Augmented Intelligence

At OPPITEC we have advanced AI and Human Experts working in tandem to give you the best of both worlds. Our close ties with the research community ensure that we always use cutting edge technology.

OPPITEC's algorithms are created with input from a number of procurement experts, making it specially tuned for the expense management domain.

Custom Visualisation Solutions

"Let my dataset change your mindset" - Hans Rosling.

At OPPITEC we believe that the visualisation component is a key part of Business Intelligence. We work with you to create effective dashboards focussed on your needs, giving you the best possible insights.

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